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Welcome to the Blue Nature Network i will sure info about the why you should visit in Minas Gerais. This title is too much attractive and creative. Readers are not only read this title even they are also inspired this.

The Brazilian territory of Minas Gerais is a shrouded pearl for the global voyager, however broadly known for its way of life, history, and lovely scenes.

The state is situated in the Southeast locale of the nation alongside renowned Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

As a mineira (how local people are called), here are my suggestions to benefit as much as possible from your outing.

Remember that these are only a couple of my decisions in a bunch of choices, yet they are energizing and enlightening enough to kick any voyager off.



Socially, Minas Gerais is an amazingly rich state. The capital of Belo Horizonte is a center point for the visual expressions, theater preparations, and live shows.

Likewise, it has a functioning and changed nightlife, engaging all inclinations both as far as air and music class.

In case you’re the capital and searching for a spot to think about craftsmanship in nature, head to the Inhotim Institute, in the Belo Horizonte region of Brumadinho, the biggest and most significant accumulation of contemporary open air workmanship in Brazil and Latin America.

The Institute has in excess of 450 bits of craftsmanship, a significant number of global compelling craftsmen, for example, Portinari and DiCavalcanti. Brazilian craftsmen additionally uncover their work of art there, with names like Cildo Meireles and Ernesto Neto.

To appreciate the social scene in the more metropolitan region of the city, head to Praca da Liberdade.

Supreme palm trees will invite you to the combination of exhibition halls and open air wall paintings with urban workmanship.

It is difficult to pick the best spot to visit with nine enormous spaces facilitating compositions that spread a wide scope of subjects.

In case you’re lacking in time and wish to see a smidgen of everything along incredible design, head to Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil.

In the event that you might want to have more comprehension of the neighborhood history and don’t experience serious difficulties picking, a portion of the alternatives incorporate.

The Museu Mineiro, Arquivo Publico Mineiro, Memorial de Minas Gerais Vale, Museu das Minas e dos Metais or… the goal underneath!


Settled in the Minas Gerais’ mountains, the city of Ouro Preto stands out for the history it conveys. The name truly deciphered signifies “dark gold”.

As the name proposes, this valuable jewel was found in wealth in the locale and in excess of 800 tons were sent to Portugal, the previous Brazilian crown.

In this way, strolling Ouro Preto’s sporadic roads, one can in any case feel and even picture the frontier times that were so adverse to shape the state, yet Brazil all in all.

Ouro Preto is an involvement in itself, however a portion of the spots to look at incorporate the most seasoned working performance center in Latin America, called Casa da Opera.

Other than the theater, don’t pass up the recorded temples like the Sao Francisco de Assis church and the Matriz do Pilar expand on gold and painted by broadly eminent craftsmen like Aleijadinho and Ataide.

As an insider tip, request that a neighborhood guide take you around the city and recount to the tales that lone local people know! You will be astonished!


When discussing Brazil, it’s fundamentally compulsory to make reference to the nation’s common marvels.

Minas Gerais, the same number of different states, has its tendency miracles, however it uncommonly has what’s known as the Brazilian gully, in the region of Capitolio.

This little town has an advantaged area between a national park called Serra da Canastra and a major lake called Lago de Furnas.

The Canion de Furnas in this way is the mix of the two. The local vegetation and the plenty of flawlessly immaculate stone dividers and conduits is conceded to make the vacationer fell little and entranced.

When visiting Capitolio, there are a lot of cascade choices to look over relying upon your inclinations.

One of the most looked for after is the Lago Azul since it’s the postcard of the city and has unblemished turquoise water.

Another noteworthy cascade is the Diquadinha that, because of its stone arrangement, gives a scene unique in relation to all the others found in the territory.

Rather than a flawless blue, the vacationer will discover a somewhat orange shading to the water.

For the individuals who love experiences, the Lost Paradise is a succession of cascades encompassed by the gullies and in excess of 18 characteristic pools. The spot is the ideal spot to rehearse rapel, ziplining, jumping, and climbing.

Finally, before leaving Capitolio, make a point to the head to the Mirante dos Canions (Canyon Observatory), which is conceded to give you a standout amongst other all encompassing perspectives on this characteristic miracle.

To arrive, you will require a vehicle ride of around 30 minutes and after that a short stroll to the highest point of the observatory.


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